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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Athletes and Social Media

This is an idea that came from a very good friend of mine, who is a journalist himself. He asked me for my opinion on athletes and the use of social networks.

The Best baseball players

I asked a question on Facebook about what I should write in my blog. One person said to rank the best baseball players in history at each position. So that is what Im going to do.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Bruno Mars/ Janelle Monae

Last night I had the treat of going to the Bruno Mars/Janelle Monae concert at the Independence Events center with my dad, sister, and brother. Let me tell you, it was great.

Friday, May 27, 2011


I would like to consider myself a sneakerhead. And while I'm not as serious as those who attend shoe conventions out on the East Coast, I do enjoy buying a nice pair of sneakers.

Best Piece Of Advice

One of my oldest and best friends came to me in a Facebook message and suggested that I write about the best piece of advice that I have ever received. I thought this was a very intriguing question and a lot of instances came to mind. Other than the advice to write this post, about three or four things came to mind when thinking about the best advice I have ever gotten.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Downtown KC

Today the cleaning lady came to our house. Due to the fact that I didn't want to stay home while she was cleaning, I had to leave the house. One problem. I had no idea where I was going to go.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


A friend of mine on Facebook posted a link to a story about the Westboro Baptist Church protesting Obama's visit to tornado-ravaged Joplin, MO.


Currently sitting in the basement waiting out the tornado warning that is going through Clay County. Roxie, our lovely lab shepherd mix, was a hassle to take to the basement. Knowing that she wouldn't come to the basement willingly, I resorted to putting her in her kennel and attempting to carry her down. Little did I know, she decided to thrash and wiggle while i carried it down two flights of stairs. I finally got her down, closed the doors and decided to let her roam the basement. All she did was sit by the stairs. After about twenty minutes, i had the urge to go check the weather. I didn't want to haul her back upstairs so I tried to coax her back into her kennel. No luck. So the next thing to do was to try to throw treats in the kennel to let make her follow. No luck. Eventually, after about five minutes and twenty treats, she reluctantly went into her kennel. Now we are both chilling here in the basement where it is eerily quiet. Cheers everyone!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Let me begin by saying that I love everything about the Royals. I absolutely love love love the Royals.

KSU Football

I want to share on of my favorite YouTube videos with everyone. It is a highlight video from the 2003 Big XII Football Championship between the Oklahoma Sooners and the Kansas State Wildcats.

Young Royals

While watching the Boys in Blue play in Baltimore tonight, the crew at FS Kansas City put up a graphic about the Royals leading the majors in innings pitched by rookies. They had something like 110.2 innings pitched by rookies while the next team, Tampa Bay I believe, or Texas, had 98 innings. This comes as no surprise to me because it seems like every bullpen arm we have is a rookie.


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I put the "wit" in "Twitter"

Monday, May 23, 2011


I am going to follow the style of a favortie blogger of mine, Joe Posnanski, and make a list of topics to write about. Not only will this give my viewers, albeit only a few right now, a chance to see what is coming up and chime in with ideas, but it helps me to remember what I want to write about.


A big Thanks to everybody who visits my blog! Comments are greatly appreciated too!


A good friend of mine recommended that I should write a piece about volleyball. So I will.

Web Message Boards

I have to admit, I enjoy reading people's comments about articles and news stories on the internet. I also like to read message boards (mostly KSU). I enjoy reading and hearing people's opinions about stuff that I am interested in. Two of the most common places I like to read these message boards at are, a fan site for the television show "The Office", and the KSU website.


I asked my Facebook friends what I should write about in my blog. I got three responses.

1) "Sports"- This was the best answer out of the three. Not only was it the one thing I knew I would write about, but it was also the only serious answer I received.

2) "Sex"- Can't say that I will end up writing about this, but who knows!

3) "Me"- This came from one of my friends. I'm sorry, but I don't think I will be writing about you. Maybe on a rainy day.

So, based on those three responses, I still have no idea what I will write about.

First Post

Well, this is my first blog post.  I named my blog "Rounding the Bases" as a double entendre. It is meant to reflect my passion for baseball and to cover more than just sports in this blog. I am hoping I can provide a nice view on many things in society. As an avid Kansas City Royals fan, my entries most likely focus on this during the summer. I am also the biggest K-State fan around so there is a great possibility that many posts will be about that as well. Television and movies are also some of my interests. I hope I can make this blog grow and gain some readers! Thanks!