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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Favorite College Football Helmets

Here is my list of my ten favorite college football helmets.
My top ten begins in California, stretches through the Rocky Mountains, through the Midwest, and ends up on the East Coast.

10) UCLA- We begin with one of my favorite teams, the UCLA Bruins. They have the most beautiful uniforms in all of college football. The light blue tops with the gold pants make for a spectacular sight. Their road helmets, on the other hand, come in at number ten on my countdown.

The white helmet is a thing of beauty. The UCLA blue with the gold stripe on the white background is definitely a win in my book.

9)Tennessee- We move into the SEC with number 9 on the list, the University of Tennessee Volunteers. Their classic helmet is a nationwide icon in college football.
The unique Tennessee Volunteer orange with the white background, which will become a common theme throughout this post, certainly shines on the field in Knoxville.

8)Oregon- Oregon is known for their numerous uniform combination, so their helmet being on this list should be a surprise to no one. It seems as if they come out with a new helmet every game.
The brand new chrome helmets are very unique, but you cant go wrong with the classic green "O" on the yellow helmet. Very cool.

7)Clemson- The Clemson Tigers come in at number 7 on my list. This perennial ACC  power uses the white Tiger paw on the orange helmet used nearly every game.
It may not seem very special at first glance, but a closer look will show you a metallic hue to the orange color. This is what makes it such a likeable helmet.

6)Florida State- The Seminoles enters the list at number 6. Florida State is a national brand. Bobby Bowden created some very powerful teams during his tenure at FSU. Their helmet was also a big part of those great teams.
The classic arrowhead with the gold background and red facemask come together to create a football masterpiece that grace the grass in Doak Campbell Stadium.

5)Utah State-The lesser known Aggies of Utah State mark the halfway point of this truly amazing countdown. Their new helmets are a sight to behold. Just looking at the picture, one can see why it would be on a list like this.
The black fading to the navy blue is something magical, and perfectly executed.

4) Kansas State- My team, and the #3 team in the nation, Kansas State University is up on the list at #4. Their classic look is a beautiful sight for everyone on Saturdays in the fall. The unique purple Powercat logo with the silver finish matches the Dallas Cowboy-esque uniforms implemented by the legendary Bill Snyder.
The purple really pops in the friendly confines of Bill Snyder Family Stadium, and the Powercat graces everything K-State, including the helmet.

3) Stanford- The Cardinal from Palo Alto, California does more than just academics. The football has been a resurgence with former QB Andrew Luck leading the way. Some people may think that the helmet is a boring "S" on a white background. But its more than that.
Similar to the Clemson helmet, the red "S" has a metallic look to it that makes it pop under the lights. That is why it is high on the list.

2)UCF- The University of Central Florida, while a member of a non-BCS conference, is one of the largest universities in America, with nearly 60,000 students. Their football team has been pretty successful recently, and they are dressed for the part.
The gold and black on the white helmet is an awesome way to keep their players safe from head injuries. The combination of those colors are unanimously appealing.

1)Wake Forest- Number one may come as a surprise to some, but to me, it is one of the simplest, yet most well done helmets in the nation. Following the gold and black color scheme, with the simplicity of the "WF" logo, it really a great way for Wake Forest to cover up some of the struggles on the field.
This gold, not Mizzou gold, is one of the best colors in college football, and Wake Forest does it right with this helmet.

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