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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lion King Roller Coaster at Disney World

Here is my idea for a Lion King Roller Coaster at Disney World.

  1. Alright, the ride starts off in a tunnel and gradually increases its speed, while the sun rises and the “Circle of Life” plays. 
  2. The ride then shoots up into the air (like when Rafiki lifts Simba into the air), then descends into the elephant graveyard (underground, dark) while you can hear the laughter of hyenas. 
  3. You roll over some bumps as the voice of James Earl Jones is resonated throughout a speaker in the seats. 
  4. You then ascend through in a dark tunnel, while “Be Prepared” plays. 
  5. You pop out at the top and you start to rumble. 
  6. You then fall down (like the stampede) back into the darkness and you slow down considerably as you ride through the jungle listening to either “Hakuna Matata” or “Can You Feel The Love Tonight”. 
  7. You rise up again (in a tunnel) amongst flames (fake of course) and real heat. 
  8. Little does the rider know, but they are about to ride down Pride Rock. 
  9. As soon as they pop out of the middle of the rock, they go on a slow fall, then flatten out (while getting showered by rain), then fall once again off the front of pride rock. 
  10. At the bottom, you circle around while listening to “Circle of Life” again. 
  11. And then the ride is over.
This is a rough design of what it would be. The red is the track, the orange is fire (from #7), and the blue is the water (from #9).

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