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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

4 Step Solution

Gun control has been a major issue in the world today, but it has come to the forefront of American society since the tragic events in Newtown, Connecticut.
The issues with gun control are vastly different across the entire spectrum. Some people want all guns to be outlawed, and others say there is nothing wrong with the system. Most everyone is somewhere in between these two extremes. I believe that I have come up with a solution that will make both parties happy. These are strictly opinionated, and I do not necessarily know everything involved with this subject. I am basing these ideas on what I have heard and seen in the news. Maybe some of these solutions are already in place, but I have not researched it.

1. Eliminate unnecessary firearms/ specify the only guns that are available- I believe this should be a necessity. Too often do we hear about a tragic mass shooting and it seems as if a semi-automatic rifle is involved. No citizen needs an AK for any reason. The only firearms that should be available are those with viable reasons for usage. Handguns and shotguns are the most popular, and I believe that those can be available. If someone wants an AK, or some other Call of Duty rifle, they should be sold as collectibles and adjusted so that they cant be operated. People who go hunting aren't going to need a gun that fires off 30 rounds in 5 seconds. There arent really any reasons, that I can think of, that a person would need a gun like that.

2. Control the distribution of firearms- I believe that the government should step in and control how the guns are distributed. We should eliminate secondary markets for firearm sales. There should be specific shops that specialize in selling the approved firearms. These would be run by the government, or be managed by the government. Wal Mart shouldnt be able to sell guns. Pawn shops shouldnt be able to sell guns, unless for collectible usage. Places like Dicks or Bass Pro can be allowed to sell guns along with specified US government run shops. Wal Mart can survive without selling firearms. Pawn shops can survive without selling firearms. If we were to limit the stores, and find a way to appropriately manage the sale of firearms, we can control who carries them. Having the government regulate the firearm industry will help to run things in a uniform style. Every gun sale will be regulated and monitored by the US government, in US government approved shops. This solution also creates job opportunities. Creating new firearm stores creates jobs. Jobs open up in the government for those people who inspect these specialized stores. Two birds, one stone.

3. Create a more in depth background check- I will admit, I do not know the exact details of the current background check, but I believe it should be more in depth. Instead of just checking the person buying the firearm, I believe it is necessary to check immediate family members (spouse, children, parents). In certain situations, the firearm gets into the hands of someone who did not buy the gun. If the whole family is checked, we can feel more comfortable with having that person purchase a gun. Included in these background checks, is a mental health check. Each gun shop can have a psychologist on staff to perform mental health checks to see if all parties involved are prepared for the responsibility of owning a firearm. Another aspect of the revamped background check is to have updated background checks every 5-10 years. It will be the same as the initial background check, but it would also include a gun checkup. Failure to abide by these background check would result in the loss of the privilege of holding a gun.

4. Psychology should be a required class in high school- This solution doesnt necessarily relate to gun control, but it would only help our society as a whole. People are required to take psychology in college, but that isnt good enough. Not enough people make it to the college psych class. We need to make sure people are being educated on what goes on in the head. Making psychology a required class in high school would make more people aware of what their cognitive state of mind is like. People would become more knowledgeable about why they think things, what goes on in their minds and how their mind works. I believe this will improve the mental health of more citizens. If people know what is going on in their heads, they can seek help, if necessary, or they can better understand why they think the things they do. This would also create more jobs in education.

These are only suggestions, and I am sure that there are flaws with each of these ideas, but I think that they are good ideas to control the usage and distribution of firearms. It is becoming clear that the people are abusing the responsibility of owning a gun. With these solutions, the people who want guns, get guns, but you have to prove that you are responsible enough to own a gun. If you are responsible enough, then these solutions should have little to no effect on you. Those that dont want guns are also satisfied, because it is more difficult to acquire a firearm, and the government has more control on the distribution of firearms. It also creates more jobs. Feel free to comment below with any opinions, or suggestions.

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